Your Rite Vision Quest 22 for young people

Your Rite

A UK vision quest programme for young adults in 2024

Do you hear a call of a life beyond the familiarity of every day? Where there is more to experience than just getting through. Out past uncertainty and anxiety. To somewhere more timeless, more dependable and more real. A place that offers you a chance to pause out in nature. Cutting out distractions and interference so as to create a clearer way into and through the unknown.

From this place you can begin to ask the questions you really want to ask and be in a better space to hear the answers. Out there, where things are more simple, you can also hear your own voice. Enabling you to make choices that bring a truer sense of freedom.

In June 2024 you could be part of this group of 18-26 year olds who will gather to create a ‘village To participate in an initiatory experience known as a vision fast ceremony. Such ceremonies have always been part of our human history and so for 10 days you would come together to explore and learn what it is for you to be a young adult.

A chance to reach deeply into your self and imagine your future in creative and enjoyable ways. Living the life that feels right for you not the one that may have been impressed upon you by a culture determined for you to know ‘the plan’

During the 10 days at High Heathercombe you will prepare to take your place out in nature alone, for three days and nights, with only the basics to sustain you. We know this place as the crossing of a threshold. That time of pause and simplicity that allows you to listen. You will be supported in meeting this challenge consciously by experienced wilderness guides, the village that we create and the non judgemental place of nature. In order to step into this challenge we help you create a clear intention or purpose that will guide you through not only the fast itself but into the years ahead.

The Village

More than ever we feel the importance of holding such spaces where you can step consciously into the adult you want to be without contortion or compromise but with truth. A place of expression and humour with opportunities to discuss the topics that  truly matter and fuel your thinking. We will together foster a sense of belonging and of hearing difference and diversity, without judgement or shame. 

We know it is necessary to prepare and to root such an experience into our lives, so that it matters and is not forgotten.The village will live on after the quest with zoom circles and mentoring so the embers from the quest can really catch light and sustain… and so the village can grow ever closer and be a place of support as well as friendship. 

So all that remains to ask is – are you called to take your place?

Your Rite UK Vision Quest for Young Adults

Things to know…

There will be tasks to do before we meet to ready you for your quest. 

The quest will take place on a wild edge of the ancient land of Dartmoor in Devon. Where an outdoor camp and kitchen will be set up on top of the granite and alongside the elements. We provide you with an evening meal. We ask that you come as self sufficient as possible and we will provide a packing list of what is essential to enable that. Time to ask and borrow some kit perhaps!

Talk to us if you are called or stirred. Whether you are concerned or confused, if you are short of funds, if you’ve never camped in your life. The village needs all of it! Contact us and we will listen first and then go from there.

Pre and Post quest

We know from experience that it is necessary to prepare and to root a vision quest into our lives, so that it matters and is not forgotten. The village will live on after the quest  through zoom circles and mentoring so the embers from the quest can really catch light and sustain… and so the village can grow ever closer and be a place of support as well as friendship.

Before and after the quest you will meet with the guides 1 to 1 to really harness the potential of this opportunity.

THE ELEMENTS – More than just a fast

  • Pre-quest zoom one to one with the guides. To prepare and get ready, held up to one month before the fast
  • Creating the Village and Vision Fast Friday 14 – Sunday 23 June 2024
  • 2 Zoom Village calls held after the quest a check in with the village and yourself
  • 1 One to one mentoring session with one of the guides two months after the fast


We have 3 price scales so that we can make this quest available to as many people as possible who need it. There are also two bursary places available with a reduced fee, please send an email to apply. There are bursary places available, please apply via email.

Higher Price



  • This will enable others to take part as well as yourself.

Suggested Price



  • This will cover the costs of the year.

Lower Price



  • For those who feel the call but are low waged, student or unemployed.


We will be camping at High Heathercombe Centre TQ13 9XE. A camping kitchen will be provided, and we will send a detailed packing list so you will know what to bring.

Your Guides

Your Rite is a collaboration between Natalie Vickers and Katie Rowan, the culmination of our decades of training and experience in guiding young adults in a variety of settings and forms.

Katie Rowan


Is a rites of passage and vision quest guide committed to working with people to mark the important thresholds of their lives and providing spaces where healing can take place for the good of the ‘village’, of future generations and of the Earth. Working with people in wild places to remember our innate gift for creating meaningful ceremonies for ourselves and our communities.
Katie has led groups of children, teens and adults in nature and land based education for 15 years, including 4 years at Embercombe in Devon and three years as a therapeutic educator at Ruskin mill college in Gloucestershire.
She is the co- lead on the Wild Time programme, a rites of passage journey for teenage girls.
In 2015 Katie went to the Mojave desert in California to train with the School of Lost Borders as a vision quest guide enabling her to hold threshold experiences in wild nature.
Alongside this work Katie has pursued an interest in primitive living skills taking her deeper into nature and her connection to the wild. Each year she puts on her pack and goes solo into wild nature. She is a community builder, hearth holder, forager and maker. And a committed and fun Auntie and God mother!

More about Katie

Natalie Vickers Wild and Home

Natalie Vickers


Wilderness/vision quest guide and earth medicine carrier – Natalie has a 25 year history and passion of working with youth. Facilitating a variety of ways to enable young adults their freedom to choose, recognise their inner resilience and become independent. This work has taken her to the U.S. supporting the 4-H Program as well as creating a local community ‘Jumping Mouse’ here in the UK. Natalie has designed and delivered with the Visionaries a Rites of Passage program for secondary schools as well as supports their training programme for young adults becoming nature guides. “ I believe that our youth deserve and are asking for places where they can continue to dream their and our future. To step into their full selves consciously with the support and recognition from their families and communities. They share with me this is needed, we also need them so that what we collectively create in society and beyond, remains current, accountable and vibrant.”
She is a mother of 3 twenty somethings, founder of Wild and Home, tutor in the education team of  Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research and collaborates with many other organisations and individuals in the art of living well to die well.

More about Natalie

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