Vision Quest UK 2024

Dartmoor, England, August 8–19, 2024

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Natalie speaks about what a vision quest is

Vision Quest UK: Often there is an inner knowing that change needs to occur or that change is already happened or happening to us. This knowing could have been rumbling inside you for some time, years even. A feeling that life is somehow waiting for you and that something is calling you to live a fuller, wider and deeper existence.

Life events and our changing lives require of us to be different. This asks us to step into the unknown, in order to do, be and feel these differences. To bring a now fuller version of ourselves into our families, our communities and the world. Old ways and stories need to be seen and heard in order for them to be let go. To allow space for a new way to emerge. These stories and a new vision of change is experienced when we place ourselves in nature in an intentional way. Removing distractions and being ’empty’, we meet ourselves ‘out there’ and nature provisions an opportunity to greet our potential.

Edward about his vision quest

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What is a Vision Quest Ceremony?

A vision quest or vision fast is a wilderness retreat, but with a purpose. It’s a time where we step away from what we know and choose to embark on a new way. We place ourselves in a wild place, away from distractions and old habits and into a connection to nature. There we spend time alone yet with and in nature.

Versions of this ceremony have existed in all cultures throughout time and participation in them in the modern age provides a space of adventure, marked with significance and meaning, which can enable such changes to occur and importantly stick. A vision quest or vision fast is a way to mark these changes in nature: space that provides both time and place to look inside ourselves as well as look ahead.

For 4 days and nights we are without food and have little shelter. What gets us through, is our intention – a new way of wanting to be or live. This brings us closer to the essence of who we actually are. Our true self. With nothing to lean on except the true spirit of ourselves and our experiences of the ‘spirit of nature’ whilst out there. We emerge from this space more guided, more focused. We begin to see – we have vision.

The word “experience” seems wildly inadequate to describe what the vision quest in Dartmoor was like. It is not a mere “experience”. It is an initiation into a different way of being and moving in the world—an invitation down a path which threads into eternity. The magic on the moors ripples forth and outward… For this, I am infinitely grateful.


A UK Vision Quest is shedding light on your life - receiving vision

Vision Quest meaning – an ancient wisdom

In our modern lives we rarely place ourselves in such circumstances so as to receive vision. As such we remain doing, thinking, feeling and being the same as we have always been. Yet there are times when doing what was the old way, the way we know how to do life, simply doesn’t get us through anymore. A vision quest in this regard is an initiatory experience, where change occurs as a result of time spent in nature.

Such initiations have been documented in most countries and today still happen within many cultures. As a rites of passage – they mark something, for example the coming of age into adulthood, the severance of an old relationship or the acknowledgement of new beginnings. Times of change can bring us to these points without conscious choice. Such as a death of a loved one, redundancy, separation or ill health. However, we can also consciously choose to become more of who we are and how we wish to live. It may be that we go ‘out there’ to find out what is actually on the inside of us.

Vision Quest UK – a rite of passage

A vision fast is always marking a passing – it is an initiation ceremony into a new way of being you. Something has had it’s time and is going or has been. Something new wants or needs to be born, a difference is coming. This extra-ordinary time, allows you to be open to those endings and new beginnings. A reason to go on a quest could be because…

  • A relationship has ended
  • A major change in your life has happened or is imminent
  • A phase of your life is ending (being single, parenthood, retirement…)
  • A loss has occurred (death, separation)
  • You don’t want to live other peoples expectations, but find your own life
  • You want to face your fears and begin to feel strong
  • You feel stuck – something needs to change, but what or how?
  • You feel lost, don’t know where you’re going
  • You want to find out why you’re really here
Vision Quest Dartmoor UK

What happens during a Vision Quest?

The process as a whole starts once you make your decision to come. It ends when you have integrated all the treasures you unearthed during your time out on the land – something we call incorporation (more about this below). Your time out on the land is 10 days and has three phases.

  • Severance‘, the preparing to sever yourself from your former world
  • The ‘threshold‘, a crossing over of the previous limitations of your life and embarking on the ‘test’
  • Incorporation‘, the return from the journey and the bringing back within yourself your ‘vision’
Vision Quest through connection to nature nature - Getting ready


To get you ready for going out to your spot in nature there are preparation days. During those days you will be heard. Guided and supported, utilising the Way of Council and the Four Shields teachings from the School of Lost Borders. This is to help you focus on why it is that you have come and are going out there. You will find your own personal spot of land to spend your time away in nature.

What is a vision quest - Severance from your old life


Then the day comes when you will be parting from the group and from your old life. At dawn you’ll be crossing the threshold and you will heading out to your place. There you will meet yourself and spend time with nature – you will deepen your the connection to nature in a way you may have never experienced before. This also is the testing time of this rite of passage.

Vision Quest as an initiation ceremony - Incorporation


On your return from the time on the land, we will hear your story and prepare you to return to your life and your community. We hear and reflect back your experience – your vision – assisting you to begin to incorporate (literally: bring it into your body) what you found into your own life. This is a process that will continue on long after you have returned home from your vision quest, and it is the real benefit that his initiation ceremony provides..

You’re on your own, fasting – yet, you never feel alone, there is so much going on. Nature kind of comes and plays with you… It’s our biggest fear to be alone, that there is nothing… yet, there is so much there, you don’t have to worry.



Incorporation with Wild and Home

Incorporation continues long after your return home. In our experience it is this part of the quest that can be challenging. Making your experience matter, being rooted in your life and making the vision and changes stick. We will spend time introducing you to incorporation and give space for you to begin to discover what that could mean and how to start. To assist you as you go forward, we create and offer ways and practices that you can use and work with. At the time of quest, after we have heard all the stories we will also participate in a ceremony of Incorporation. Both as an individual and as a group we will create a structure to hold you as you go back to your communities and loved ones.

In addition we offer a chance to gather once again, 3 months and 1 year after your quest. At 3 months this will be an online group. At one year, the circle will be at an venue with an overnight stay. We will share details of this invitation at the quest itself.

Vision Quest Dartmoor Tor

Our Services during and after this wilderness retreat

Coming to vision quest is a journey you embark yourself. Yet, as guides we are by your side along the way. Here is a list with some of the things you will get when you sign up for a vision fast with Wild and Home.

  • Trained and experienced vision quest guides provide guidance, support and (if needed) first aid
  • Help and advice in preparing for your quest, both with your internal processes and practical steps to help you come to Dartmoor
  • Logistical support with a kitchen tent (equipped with gas stoves, cooking utensils, coolers, etc.) and community tent, fire wood, water, picking you up from the Newton Abbot train station and more
  • Three days of preparation to get you ready for your solo time, including practical tips to help you being outdoors safely
  • Any necessary support during your time on the land; we will hold room for you while you are out there and will always be there as backup
  • Welcoming you back and helping you via council, a communal meal and ceremony and other means in beginning to “land” your very own vision in your life
  • Support during your first year of incorporation via scheduled group Zoom calls or meetings and individual communications

What I really appreciate is the attentiveness, the care in every single detail of the experience – from the initial contact to the experience itself, in the journey, in the incorporation part. … I felt I could be fully myself. … In this presence, magic happens.


Connection to nature during a Vision Quest


Our summer vision fast 2022 is in the south eastern part of the Dartmoor National Park, Devon and our base is at High Heathercoombe Centre, a charitable community space. The centre has direct access onto the moors which means we don’t have to relocate for you to go out on your solo time. Giving you plenty of time to arrive and become acquainted with this part of wild moorland and it’s tors.

We will camping and self sufficient, so please bring your own tent, food etc. In our basecamp we will be living as a small community independent of the centre, with a camp kitchen which we will supply. We will provide you with a welcome meal on the first night. There is a small village shop in Manaton a few miles from the centre with supermarket facilities at both Bovey Tracey and Newton Abbot.

Vision Quest UK camp ground on Dartmoor


Please arrive between 2-4pm on August 4th. That gives you enough time to set up your tent space and begin to ‘arrive’. We will eat together around 7pm. We will go through the overall form and give more detail on the timings of things when we gather that first evening. We finish around 4pm on our closing day, having already broken down our camp.

Vision Quest UK Threshold Circle for this initiation ceremony

Enrolling for the Vision Quest UK

Please send to us a letter sharing why you find yourself wanting to participate and what is in or has been in your life that gets you to this place. If you have specific questions, please contact us. We will send to you a packing list, medical forms and other details that you may find useful.

A wilderness retreat as an initiation ceremony – Vision Quest Uk

Your Guides

Natalie Vickers Wild and Home

Natalie Vickers

Guide and healer

Natalie is a vision quest guide and a shamanic practitioner who has been working with people for many years

More about Natalie

Mirel Stambuk Wild and Home

Mirel Stambuk

Guide and poet

Mire is a trained wilderness guide and a poetic voice of story. She has a passion for gender identity and facing the inconvenient.

More about Peter

If you have an inkling to understand yourself and the human condition a bit more, in nature, with some incredibly supportive guides, then I would absolutely recommend it.



Price and logistics for Vision Quest 2024 UK – Dartmoor, England


£740–1050. To allow for people of all income to participate, we are using a sliding scale for cost (see below). Your generosity will help people with less means to also participate. We also offer one bursary spot at a nominal fee, please inquire with us if you feel this would be your option.
Paying the non-refundable deposit of £200 reserves your place. You may choose to pay the full investment up front. Should we need to cancel (including COVID), you will receive your deposit and any other amount you paid back in full. If you pay your complete contribution in advance and cancel, you will receive it back minus £200.

Sliding Scale

I’m in dire straits at the moment, I barely make ends meet.

I’m doing okay, I get by more or less with what I have.

I am doing great, I have more than enough and feel like I am mastering my finances.


We will be camping at High Heathercobme Centre TQ13 9XE. A camping kitchen will be provided, and we will send a detailed packing list so you will know what to bring.
We have a Corona protocol in place and adhere to whatever the situation requires when we meet on Dartmoor.


The Vision Quest UK 2023 will run from Thursday, August 8th, with your arrival between 2–4pm to Monday, August 19th, ending around 4pm (12 days total).

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