The Temple Within

The Temple Within

A space for revelation…

6 Fridays, 7.30-9pm,13th Jan—17. Feb, 2023, Skylight Centre, London

Within our bodies lies vast reservoirs of support and potential. Being with ourselves to discover and explore the thousand ways in which we can respond, feel and be guided by such experiences, is indeed a sacred act of time and union with oneself. Such investment to turn inwards and then flow outward with expression, can be vital in a world that’s often busy, fragmented and overwhelming.

Our work invites the flow of relationship between self and other. For together as women we will dance, vocalise and participate in co-created rituals which carry both personal and group intent. We will also consider what it may mean to be in ‘marriage’ with both the feminine and masculine energies, through dialogue and movement.  

This six week course offers a string of experiences to stretch body, mind and soul into more liminal mysterious forms through movement, voice, ritual and expression. Creating non judgemental held space’s, the erotic self is included and invited to inform this journey of revelation.

As guides, we bring a mixture of reverence and humour, embracing playfulness in our experimentation and expression of being a woman. We encourage you to take ownership of your body for health, pleasure and perhaps….even magical, ecstatic experiences.

Woman of all ages, backgrounds, faiths and physical abilities are welcomed. If you are drawn to this course but have hesitations as to whether or not it’s right for you, do email us and arrange a call.

Details and Cost

  • Venue: Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica St, London N5 1JT
  • Timings: Fridays, 7.30 – 9pm, from Jan 13th to Feb 17th, 2023
  • Cost: Sliding scale dependent on income: £250 – £190
  • What to bring: Clothing you can move freely in, water bottle, journal and pen

Signing up

Upon booking we’ll send you a short form to complete. The information we gather from you will help us to inform the space. You’re welcome to call us for a short chat. Contact us at:

To transfer payment directly and secure your place, please send via PayPal to

Your Guides

Natalie Vickers

Natalie Vickers carries the ‘Old Ways’, from a lineage of women who worked with mystery.. For 30 years she has guided others into and through liminal spaces and onto changed solid ground. Apprenticed within European ecstatic/ shamanic arts,  spiritual midwifery and relational bodywork she creates these  passageways with trust. Natalie encourages women to step into expressive spaces of direct experience. Uncovering the pleasure, creative forces and inner knowing that lies within their own bodies, understanding this  to be a personal and collective restorative act. .She is a wilderness and rites of passage guide, ceremonialist, as well as mother to three twenty somethings.  She also contributes to the education programme at Braziers Park, an intentional community in South Oxfordshire.

Katy Molloy, Wild and Home

Katy Molloy

Katy Molloy is a dancer of the temple ways, restoring pathways that embody and honour the sacredness of all life. She supports people towards their fullest aliveness and truth as a psychosexual somatic therapist, a practitioner of shamanic and energy healing, and as a mentor to those on a journey of inner discovery. She’s also a senior lead at Flourishing Diversity, a response to climate breakdown bringing together voices from all over the world to explore humanity’s interconnection with the lands, waters, forests and fellow species.