Wild and Home Long Journey

Wild and Home Long Training – A 10 Month Journey

Due to current restrictions we have postponed this training – contact us if you are interested. An online 3 month training will soon be published.

This a comprehensive and intensive 6 weekend plus Visionfast experience. Each weekend is focused on one of the senses and will include:

omprehensive and intensive 6 weekend plus Visionfast experience. Each weekend is focused on one of the senses and will include:

  • Learning and practicing the Way of Council
  • ‘Medicine’ walks in nature
  • Experiential and creative activities. This includes darkness work, art, shamanic practice, touch, music, movement and periods of reflection both alone and in the group
  • Sharing teachings that relate to each sense from a variety of schools of thinking and practice, gained from the direct experience and knowledge of all the guides

The Long Training was created specifically to develop our connectedness with ourselves, the outside world and our awareness of those connections. This is also the basis of shamanic praxis. The consequences are that we can consciously choose how to live and therefore take ownership of life directly. This brings us to a place of understanding and acceptance. This in turn allows life ups and downs – the natural way of life, to be navigated more easily and without resistance.

The experiences on this programme for personal development, come from a variety of cross cultural methodologies and practices, tailored to each of the senses – touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing. The sixth weekend focuses on our sixth sense. On each weekend there is also a teaching linked to each sense. Through these teachings and experiences you will increase your awareness and bring your attention to each sense. This will inform you as to the potential breadth and depth of each of your senses and how when used as a resource, that your life can then be lived well and in alignment with your dreams and intentions. A Vision Fast completes your training, a 4 day solo fast in nature. This ceremony both closes the training and opens the doors of opportunity into the life you wish for. The life we all are born to live.

This is an investment of your time in self-awareness. Meaning, the time out of your normal schedule but also an investment in the present and future that you want and wish to have. If you wish to attend the training we request that you write a letter stating why you are interested and what has happened to bring you to this point. It is not necessary to have experience of any school of spirituality or practice, just the commitment to want to experience life more fully.

If you are interested in this training, please…