Touch – An Exploration into Feeling

Why wait – Discovering your Heart’s Desire

June 29 to Juli 1, 2018, Germany  – contact us if you are interested

Knowing what our heart desires – what feels good and what we dream of, gives us direction and flow. This knowledge informs all of our body and creates the environment within which we can be both at peace and fulfilled. Without this flow present and active, we can be simply wafting even not living a purposeful and principled life. It can become a place where we languish, where time stops and drags simultaneously. It’s when and where we can get lost and unfocused.Discovering what we dream of deep inside and then creating intentions, act as signposts, maps and compasses. Intentions continually wake us to the importance of time. Asking of us, why wait?
In this workshop you discover those deeper wishes and longings of the life you want to live and express them within a ceremonial setting. To facilitate this we utilise nature, with time spent alone on the land and the art of mirroring the story that you bring back from being out there

If you are interested in this workshop, please…