I live the life I choose – Good decision making


I choose the life I live

Next date: October/November 2018 – Ask for exact date

One major piece of knowledge that I took from your workshop is that I can and have to create my own reality based on what I really want and like rather then on fear of failure or submission to the fearfull thoughts, or other persons reality.
Sergiy, London

Knowing how to choose is fundamental for life, it is integral to being human and to being ourselves as individuals. Good decision making is often not shared consciously when we are children. Without guidance we can fumble our way through and resort to a piece of paper titled and halved, ’Pros and Cons’. Such duality leaves little room for the subtleties of what makes our decisions feel right. Sometimes we turn to others we trust and seek guidance, which is good. Yet what if we found out within ourselves what we really want, as to what would make the decision feel good, be good? We could then discover our internal wanting or yearning that aligns with the dreaming of our spirit.

Your resource for decision making

This weekend of personal development provides you with experiential learning of how to gather the information for good decision making within your body and integrate that with your mind. It will ask of you to go within and discover what is underneath your thoughts. This can therefore increase your self-awareness, as to what lies deeply inside you. Provisioning and consolidating you, with what you need to make a/the decision good – for now and for the future you wish for. From Friday late afternoon, through to Sunday afternoon, you will spend time in a group and alone on the land and learn how nature can support your learning. We will use some shamanic practice such as darkness work, Way of Council, movement and some touch. You will always work at your pace and within your own boundaries. In grounding this work in your life, we ask that you bring a (difficult) decision that you want to work with.

Natalie & Peter

Workshop Guides Natalie Vickers & Peter Müller

The seminar will be held in Stoke Row, a small village on top of the beautiful Chilterns. It is in an Area of Outstanding Nature Beauty, surrounded by farmland, ancient beech and oak forests, with a spacious garden to relax in. All of which gives easy access to nature and its healing and teaching properties. We will eat together on the premises (freshly cooked lunch and supper are included in seminar fees), please find more details on our Food and Accommodation page. Also, check our Resources page for additional information on how we work with you. And of course, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Garden View - Wild and Home
I choose the life I live – Seminar house
Decision making workshop
 £215-285 if booked before 10th August, £245-315 after that date. To allow for people of all income to participate, we are using a sliding scale for cost. Please find more information under “Payment, Numbers, Places” on our Programmes page.

 The workshop begins Friday at 4pm and ends approximately at 4pm Sunday. We work until approximately 10pm in the evening on Friday and Saturday.