Holding On, Letting Go, Giving In, Moving On

Holding On, Letting Go, Giving In, Moving On

August 23–27, 2018, Stoke Row

It’s easy to be happy and joyful when everything in your life flows. Yet experiences from the past, especially when attached with pain, sometimes keep us from moving on. They can hold us back, or contort how we are in life. Such pain can lead to habits or behaviours that stop the very flow and ease that we can crave for in our lives. Often we are not even fully aware of what or why – we simply can’t move on.

Resurrection happens by itself if we give in to dying.
Richard Rohr

In this intensive workshop you will get the opportunity to dive deeper into these layers. It can bring you to points of forgiveness, reconciliation and re-empowerment. Of release and then action. Becoming a freer you, able to choose differently and more in alignment with your true inner wishes.

Opening us to moving on

To open up this way toward healing we will use shamanic practices and teachings, elements of the Medicine Wheel, body therapy, Way of Council, ritual and ceremony. We will of course be utilising nature as a therapeutic space, as this is part of the nature of shamanism. As your guides we will provide a safe space where such deep work can be held. Without judgement but with presence, an open heart and also lightness.

The workshop is split into four stages:

  • Discovery – What is it that keeps you grasping, staying still, thinking and feeling the past, living and staying with trauma of all kinds? You will spend time in nature, where what is inside you gets to be revealed. You will learn how to listen and use your body as a source of information.
  • Timing – How do begin the process of being free? When do I start to let go? On this day you will look at what beliefs you hold. We will work with rituals and begin to let go of the tension in your body.
  • Consciousness – We will be going beyond letting go, to places you haven’t even conceived were possible. We use ceremony to create a space where such depth can be achieved with the deepest results.
  • Creation – Stepping into your dreams. You will be spending time back in nature, seeing and experiencing it differently. Formulating your visions for your future.

This is an intensive workshop over 5 days. It will stir you – it needs to, in order to create the changes you desire. We know the potential and depth of the work involved in moving on. We will support you for one month after the workshop through email. This will assist you in consolidating and grounding your experience and help you to truly move on.

£415-485 if booked before 10th August, £445-515 after that date. To allow for people of all income to participate, we are using a sliding scale for cost. Please find more information under “Payment, Numbers, Places” on our Resources page.  This will include lunch and supper during the workshop.

The workshop begins Thursday at 10pm and ends approximately at 4pm Sunday. We work until approximately 10pm in the evening on Friday and Saturday.