Blindfold Walk – through darkness to your senses

Blindfold Walk – Explore Your Senses

The more connected we are to ourselves and the world, the more enjoyable, enriched and healthy our lives. And it is our senses, that connect us with what is around us and in us. So, come and explore your senses in a blindfold walk.

This silent, dark walk in nature offers a profound and rare opportunity to experience and expand that connectedness. Spending time whilst walking this way in nature, brings you to many places within yourself and feels so differently than ‘normal’. Losing senses often heightens our remaining senses.

This afternoon provides that rare and unfamiliar time and space. It is an opportunity to explore your inner world as well as to deepen your connection to the healing powers of nature.

Explore your senses with this unique experience

Explore your senses in a shamanic pracitce: Blindfold Walk - Wild and Home

A Blindfold Walk creates as many differing experiences. They are as different as the individuals who participate. It is always though, a walk of discovery, being both enjoyable and revealing. This is a shamanic practice seldom offered. Darkness work is deep and best experienced without too much prior knowledge or understanding.

Council – Expressing what’s inside

As part of your experience you will also learn and experience some of ‘The Way of Council’. An ancient way of listening and sharing. Council is equally powerful, for it allows us to express ourselves in ways that are also unusual in modern life. It is a time to hear what is going on within you and express it – and be really heard by others. And a time to truly hear others. The walk and Council are both mindful and body based experiences.

This afternoon invites you join us for this introductory experience of our work.
Come. Let serendipity show you what you cannot normally see.

Details and Cost


The walk begins at 1pm approximately ends at 4pm


We will meet in Stoke Row.


Participation is £30. Please pay cash.

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