Wild and Home Workshops and Events


Our Approach

Our programmes offer direct experiential learning with and in Nature. Experiences that include solo time in nature, darkness work, various forms of journeying, ritual and ceremony, movement, music, song and sound as well as conscious touch. These are pan cultural ways and are the Earth’s way, they are universal and our inherent rite to learn and use with guidance. We only use specific cultural traditions if we have been personally initiated into them and have permission to share. 

We offer introductory workshops, intensive weekends, a training programme and ceremonies such as Vision Quest. We also create bespoke programmes with organisations, schools and communities. The programmes and the space we create, provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can learn, discover and explore both the connection to yourself and to the world around you.

Why come

The shamanic way is to bring us to a more enjoyable life, where life is not so exhausting. To come could be a calling or perhaps you have tried many other routes already. We embark on seeking another way by experiencing grief of all kinds, feeling numb, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, work related stress, addiction. Perhaps you feel that something is missing or you are lost.

If you are stuck somehow, struggling or at a place or time of your life where you are moving from one known way to another – life transitions, redundancy, divorce, illness or separation. Perhaps you want to deepen your own shamanic practice or relationship with Nature. It may be that simply hearing the words Wild and Home provokes something deep in you. The list is actually endless and always personal.

Upcoming Workshops

Vision Quest UK 2021

August 12–22, Dartmoor, England

A vision quest is a journey to essence. A path to find your way through times of crisis, disorientation and powerlessness. Or transit into a new phase of your life. Join us on this vision quest on the moors of Dartmoor this August. A time to leave behind what no longer serves you and find that which is truly yours – truly you.

Soul Talk

2021, 19:00–21:00, online via Zoom

Soul Talk is an opportunity to be seen and heard, without anyone fixing you. Utilising an ancient form of circle wisdom and ‘Council,’ this FREE session will be regularly offered at Braziers Park and is held by Natalie Vickers. Let us know on Facebook if you’re interested! or use our

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Soul Talk

Letting Go

September 17–19, Braziers Park, Ipsden

A 3 day workshop allowing reflection and action to face what needs to change. Discover and name old patterns and habits that halt or block movement forward. Supported within a shamanic ceremony of letting go.

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Buried Deep

December 3–5, Braziers Park, Ipsden

A chance to see the essentials – what lies deep within you? We spend time to unearth your purpose and joy – to give direction. Discovering ways that sustain us through challenges.

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Buried Deep Braziers

Other Workshops

The Denied Divine Feminine and its Relationship to Food

Currently no date, please ask

This workshop explores the feminine principle and what occurs when we shut down or limit this and how that is related to how we are with food and our eating behaviours.

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The Denied Divine Feminine and Food

Wild and Home Long Training – A 10 Month Journey

Currently no date, please ask

This 10 month training will be a journey through the riches of your senses. It will provide you with tools to live life fuller, feel more alive, and have a clearer sense of direction.

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Wild and Home long journey

Holding On, Letting Go, Giving In, Moving on

Currently no date, please ask

We all want to move on. In this seminar you explore how you will learn to flow with the natural rhythm of how we let things in our lives die and create room for the new to come to us.

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Holding on letting go

Blindfold Walk

Currently no date, please ask

A shamanic experience that brings you to your senses. Experience yourself and the world around you in a way you may have never done before.

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Blindfold Walk