What to bring to your workshop

What to bring

For each seminar we will send you a packing list. This will be specific to each workshop.

In general, wear loose comfortable clothes and bring layers. We will always do some work outside, regardless of the weather. So ideally pack waterproof outer gear trousers as well as a jacket plus good waterproof boots or wellies. We provide back-jack chairs but these are not for use outside. The teaching and some of the experiences are inside. Please bring any outside chair should you need or wish to use one. We have some chairs available, please ask if one is available before you attend your workshop should you require it.

Bring a journal and/or notebook. You may record some parts of the workshops. Ask the guides what in particular you can record. As a rule of thumb these are the teaching elements only. It is better to write down that which you wish to remember or even to be simply present and to use your journal as a means of recording your feelings.