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Natalie Vickers - Wild and Home

… was born into a long line of women wisdom keepers. She is a midwife of spirit. She loves to dance, exudes an innocent joy of life and embodies the ways of nature.
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Peter Müller Wild and Home

… has been guiding and counseling people for over 35 years. He stands for a spirituality that is being experienced with all your senses. Peter is a a poet, dancer and touch artist.
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Katie Rowan Vision Quest Wild and Home

… has been listening to wild nature for guidance and crafting ceremony to mark life’s passage for many years now.
She is an educator, hearth holder and guide with over a decades experience of guiding people in nature.
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Tanja Menegatti Wild and Home

… has danced for all of her life and offers ecstatic dance, yoga and coaching to guide people into a fuller life. She knows both the corporate world and the intimate depths of the soul.
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Natalie Vickers

Natalie Vickers
 continues in her direct Celtic lineage of women who work this way. In 1991 she entered her own path through homeopathy, training at the London College of Classical Homeopathy. Here she began to practice the art and science of the marriage between spirit and physical matter and its relationship to the human body. In 2001 Natalie had her first conscious shamanic experience. This led to her initiation in the shamanic way and the medicine wheel wisdom with Foster Perry along with other mystical teachings and experiences with Kristos Tsompanelis, both of Golden Hummingbird. She deepened her tutelage by travelling and working with Simon Buxton of the Sacred TrustBetsy Bergstrom and Seidr with Annette Hørst. In 2011 she trained with the School of Lost Borders as a Vision Quest guide and continues to sit in circle in various locations around the world. An important part of her work is initiating people into the shamanic way of being through the shape and rhythms of the medicine wheel and within nature. She does this whilst honouring the land upon which the work takes place and with an affinity for ceremony.

Natalie was critically ill as a child. Through her close relationship to death she lives brightly. She is deeply compassionate to the individual way that the spirit of each of us is wiggling its way through to its true nature and calling, seeing clearly the unique contortions. To midwife this unfurling and revelation through the humanness of each individual is her passion. She does this in part by becoming the empty bowl for the individual’s story. Natalie dances, walks, laughs and hugs a lot, stepping adventurously into the mystic life. She especially loves to be among the stones of the far west of Cornwall and spending time with her three children.

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Peter Müller

Peter Müller 
 had his first deeply profound spiritual encounter in a dream at age 19. This moment of revelation catalysed the quest for that which lies beyond, the long searching movement of his youth. He became member of a charismatic church and went on to study theology in the USA, Germany and Switzerland, pastoring an evangelical church in Germany for several years. From 2010 to 2015 he trained as a guide for Vision Quest and male initiation with Stefan Wolff. He did further training with School of Lost Borders. His passion and curiosity for sensuality has lead him into the worlds of Tango, Contact Improvisation and Tantra massage. He is an initiate into the way of the medicine wheel.

Peter is an avid writer who started with short stories at age 13 and worked as an editor, author, copywriter, podcaster and translator. He has a mischievous sense of humour and a never ending curiosity. His passion is to see people come into their fulness, their calling, to ultimately bloom into what is their purpose in this life.

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Katie Rowan

Katie Rowan began working with people in nature in 2004 following an unlikely ‘vision’ in New Zealand that showed her, a city girl up until that point, guiding people in nature. This experience acted as a golden thread and lead her to nature based education on returning to the UK. Working with young people unveiled a grief in the lack of positive, guided rites of passage experiences within the dominant culture. Whilst simultaneously seeking her own wild healing and navigating life’s initiations Katie followed the thread to the vision fast ceremony and went to California to train as a vision quest guide with the School of Lost Borders in California in 2015, enabling her to support threshold experiences in wild nature. 

She has led groups of children, teens and adults in nature and land based education for over 10 years, including 4 years at Embercombe in Devon and three years as a therapeutic educator at Ruskin mill college in Gloucestershire.

This year she will co-lead the Wild Time programme, a rites of passage journey for teenage girls. Alongside this work Katie has pursued an interest in primitive living skills taking her deeper into nature and her connection to the wild. Katie loves putting on her pack and being immersed in wild places, marking the seasons, foraging and making. She is passionate about developing community and its role in honouring the important thresholds of our lives. Katie loves sitting around a fire with people sharing songs, music and stories.

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Tania Menegatti

Tania Menegatti is passionate about helping people live life well and soulfully through self expression, contemplation, relaxation, and exploration. Her own journey into understanding what it means to live life well and walk her true path hasn’t always been straightforward but it has certainly taken her down lots of different roads; through different terrains and shown her lots of different vistas.

The first road for Tania was dance. She danced as soon as she could walk and went on to train as a ballet dancer. She relished how dance allowed her to express herself, feel alive and be completely in the moment. The second road was her love of the big existential questions; What does it mean to be human? Why are we here? What is our purpose? She read Religious Studies at university and was fascinated with how our diverse belief systems are in essence so similar.

Over the past 18 years, working in the corporate world, Tania found herself living increasingly in the left hemisphere of her brain and less and less in her body and heart. During this time the still small voice within always called her back to her true path. She learned the importance of relaxation through tension and illness. This led her to qualify as a reflexologist and indian head massage therapist, and to reconnect with her body through yoga, tantra and walking. She made the month long journey from Sant Jean Pied du Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the ancient 800km pilgrimage route which lies directly under the milky way. More recently Tania returned to her dance roots. She trained to teach ecstatic awakening dance with the school of ecstatic movement and kundalini yoga with Karam Kriya – teaching in England and Japan.

Tania is currently learning to live life at a different pace, bringing up her two young adopted children, studying transformational coaching with Animas and exploring how to live her intentions with integrity by going through the medicine wheel with gifted shamanic practitioner, Natalie Vickers. She brings to her work all of these experiences to help you reconnect with your body and soul, and explore how you want to live your one wild and precious life.

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