How Wild and Home came into being

The phrase ‘Living life well through the door of sensuality’ came to Natalie during a month long hike of the Italian Dolomites in 2015. Those words spoke of –  how to live a good life, something we all wish for. Since then, developing with other guides, journeying and contemplating what lies within those words, resulted in  ‘Wild and Home’. It is a culmination of  listening deeply, to thousands of human stories.

Collaboration has bought a depth to the experiences we can offer you, with over 25 years of study, research with professional and personal experiences in differing fields. This provides a richness and diversity of practices in revealing the mystery of –  how to live well.

If living a good life relates to our senses, we need to learn how to do that through the body and not the mind alone. So our work is primarily experiential.

Deep Roots

Natalie’s comment: “I have been working in my healing practice since 1995. Originally, that was in a multi disciplined clinic environment. I specialised in family dynamics, working with young families in particular. I loved it, I had a young family myself.  I learnt early on, the value of knowing when to ask for other professional guidance and the benefit of other perspectives. My work evolved and when I accepted the calling to work shamanically, I intuitively and cognitively knew, that part of my work would be collaborative. It still is in every fibre of me…..I simply have to do this work. This came at a time when I discovered the depth of my maternal lineage too. So I consciously accepted to walk in the steps of those healing women before me.

When in the mountains the words ‘Wild and Home’ came, I knew it wasn’t just about me.

“Embracing this deeper, I began facilitating and holding space for group work which has been wonderful and equally rather humbling. So over the decades I have listened and witnessed to probably thousands of life stories, in various settings. There, in among the individuality of each of them, were these two distinct, never wavering tenets of what it is to be human. So a number of years later, when in the mountains the words ‘Wild and Home’ came, unexpectedly too, I knew it wasn’t just about me. The work came clearly and precisely, just like the two words themselves including importantly the ‘and’ between them. Thats actually the challenging part, the ‘as well as’. Making the changes we make stick. Remain connected to ourselves and still be connected to our communities and the world around us.

“This work is also a product of all those that have gone before me. That there is and was a universality to this knowledge and wisdom, a stretching across time, cultures and place. I don’t claim to own it. After Italy, I suggested to Peter to co-guide with me and with his direction and focus, the work has gained form and structure.
This body of work would be more comprehensive, richer and complex, if I worked alongside other practitioners too. Of these wonderful people: I know personally their skills, value their insight and respect the quality and integrity of both their work and who they are. I and the participants are blessed that they said yes when I suggested ‘Wild and Home’ to them and for that I am full of gratitude.”