Shamanic healing Mission - Wild and Home

Our Mission

The Place

Nature holds us, providing a space and solidity in a way that nothing else does. It is neutral, balanced and healing yet powerful, raw and beautiful. A place that stimulates the senses and calms the mind and body. Nature is a giant medicine chest. If we can see, feel and touch it in certain ways, we then experience it’s wisdom. Connecting with Nature deeply can be remembered and nurtured. Nature provides a clean mirror to our own internal landscapes.

Balance and Harmony

Essential in our ethos is both challenging and accepting duality in all areas. Underpinning this aspect is understanding, experiencing and balancing the male and female principles or energies as well as the relationship between death and life. 

We share the teachings of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine and the dance that exists between the two. We embrace the knowledge and understanding of the inter connections between birth, life, death and rebirth. These relationships are fundamental to the shamanic and mystic way. We wish to reclaim and pass on, the power that comes with this knowledge, as they are fundamental to the understanding and being in balance and being harmonious with all life. 

As with all our work, our intention is to make it accessible to all – in ‘otherness’,  in language, practice and relevant to modern life.

The Work

Part of our ethos at Wild and Home is to provide safe yet sometimes challenging ways to learn, discover and explore, your own unique way. In deepening the connections of your relationships. Focusing on quality not quantity. Creating supported experiences that are centred by love. In acknowledging this unique way, it becomes your way, your shamanism. Forging your own relationship with Spirit or life force, the Earth, the seasons and cycles, the male and female principles, those you love and of course to yourself. 

As guides we share ways that can utilise and heighten the senses as the means for bringing the experiences fully into your body. In this way we can integrate the mind, body and spirit though experiences, encouraging a different way to knowledge. 

Apart from time alone in nature, we hold the work within the Way of Council. A simple yet effective way to learn and practice how to listen deeply and communicate. Much of the framework for Wild and Home experiences, comes from both the Medicine Wheel and Circle of Life. Both of which we have experienced, studied, practiced and initiated others into. They contain the wisdom of our ancestors as well as the current wisdom keepers of the Earth.

Your People

Often, when our own traditions have been forgotten and once an individual is open to the shamanic way, their own traditions can once again be expressed. Then the term ‘your shamanism’ has a deeper meaning. The old songs, dances and ways of your own traditions can once again be seen, heard and practiced. Universal spirit becomes your guide, not us. This can lead us to be united with others through the shamanic teachings and become part of the ever expanding community of Nature’s ways.

You can find your people.

So we use both traditional and core shamanic practices as well as leaving room for your way. We only use traditions that we have experienced and been initiated into and have permission to share.

The Midwife Role

We only guide you in these experiences, not trying or wanting to fix you. Our way is to do that lightly, with humour, colour, and with compassion, as well as poignancy. A marriage of sacred and profane. We do want the experiences to stick. To have meaning and be significant. So we also place emphasis on how to root them into your own life. Our experience show us that this is the challenging part, bringing back great revelations for example and having them be fully incorporated into the way we live our modern lives. 

We hear and hold each story, deeply, using among other ways, the Way of Council but we let the experiences themselves create space for change and healing. Having experienced all the work ourselves and supported others, we trust this way and the work. Which is also why we use intentional solo time in nature as a central place, where any healing or change to your way of being becomes visible and gets rooted.

Space and Time

At Wild and Home we will support you in your experiences and guide you toward your own understandings in a respectful and timely way. We are the midwife to a new way of living and being.

We create pauses as well as places for this to happen. You will go at your pace. In this way it becomes possible to root more firmly your experiences and for them to become part of your life. We offer support after participation of our workshops and the 10 month training, so that your incorporation or embodiment  can continue to be grounded. We also look to create a sense of community, should you wish to join.

The And

Creating and deepening our connections to Nature and all that is around us strengthens our own feelings of belonging, that sense of home we long for. We can feel more rooted, stable and safe. We are also individuals where the sense of uniqueness, independence, being wild and free, is equally within us. At Wild and Home we assist you in revealing what is wild and home to you, as well as how to be both wild and home. 

We work to break the delusion that you cannot be both. And that we are entirely separate.