The Power of Choice in Decision Making

Decision Making the Power of Choice

The Power of Choice in Decision Making Answer this……you have one choice left before death, what would it be? Pushed into a corner of time, we might find decision making easily in such a hypothetical situation. It might be easy to choose to be in the arms of the one we love, or to watch a beautiful sunset or hear the laughter of a grandchild. There is a story told by Buddha that shows us some of the essence of

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What does it mean to be human – a change of perspective

What it means to be human

What does it mean to be human As I write this, Britain has been subjected to another  terrorist attack, ”in the name of Allah“, they shouted. They framed themselves as jihadi heroes, but hearing eye witness reports they were rather cowardly guys who used the moment of shock and surprise to stab people already lying on the floor. They inflicted death and injury. They are perpetuating the circle of pain, fear and violence – opposing that of freedom and love.

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Discover Your Wild Sense in the City

Discovering your sense of wild in the city

Discover Your Wild Sense in the City Cities have two major components, people and buildings. Lots of both. It also has pace, lots of that too. Of the people, it’s where you would find variety. City people can be beautifully eclectic. All sorts colours, clothes and skin. All manner of cultures, entertainment and activities. In that I suppose is a sense of wild because for me, that touches my senses through it’s expansiveness. Sushi meets curry with all it’s smells,

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