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Understanding that we are connected, to everything, is fundamentally the essence of shamanism. For tens of thousands of years a shamanic way of being has existed in our culture and within us. Being connected actually allows us to live life fully… a level of consciousness that allows for the enjoyment of all our human experiences to flow and be sustainable in all regards.

At the root of how to create this connection are the senses. One central understanding within shamanism is that what it is to be human, in essence, is to feel. It is though our collective senses that we feel the individual that we are.

The shamanic way is to learn how through direct experience, often encountering the unknown along the way. By integrating our awakened bodily senses with the mind and with our life force, such experiences can bring us into balance, wisdom and joy. The depth, fullness and quality of which, allows us to discern ourselves, what it is to be alive and all that is life.

The Shamanic Way
The Shamanic Way

Shamanism is the oldest known form of spirituality. Yet it is more accurate to describe it as a way of understanding, being and living. It is nature’s way and as such is universal spiritual wisdom. Shamanism is therefore our human heritage.

Shamanic Experiences
Shamanic Experiences

We offer shamanic practices and sensory based experiences to bring you fully into your body and life. Such as: vision quest, darkness work, various forms of journeying, solo time in nature, ritual and ceremony, movement, music, song as well as conscious touch.

Belonging and Free
Belonging and Free

Our ethos at Wild and Home is to provide ways to explore your own unique way and deepen those connections. In this way it is your shamanism. Meaning, to forge your own relationship with the spirit of life, the land, the elements and to yourself.

Upcoming Events

Soul Talk

2020, 19:00–21:00, online via Zoom

Soul Talk is an opportunity to be seen and heard, without anyone fixing you. Utilising the ancient form of ‘Council,’ this FREE session will be regularly offered at Braziers Park and is held by Natalie Vickers. Let us know on Facebook if you’re interested! or use our

Soul Talk - Way of Council

Vision Quest UK 2021

August 12–22, Dartmoor, England

A vision quest is a journey to essence. A path to find your way through times of crisis, disorientation and powerlessness. Or transit into a new phase of your life.

Vision Quest UK 2019 in Dartmoor

Wild Writings

Of Thoughts and Farts

When our world falls apart, we get easily overwhelmed by a sense of doom. But the collapse of something also allows for new things to come. We can also see crisis as opportunity, something life gives us to change things around. Maybe even for dreams to come true. And it all begins with a thought.

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Death shows us how to change

From death to rebirth – a cycle of how to change I have just returned from being in the desert for nearly 2 weeks. What got me into the desert this time, was the courage of 10 individuals. They had participated on a collective yet personal journey, to consciously change. By embarking on a relationship…

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